Research software impact

Developer of hydrological modelling software

  • RFmerge: R package implementing the Random Forest MErging Procedure (RF-MEP), which allows to combine two or more satellite-based datasets (e.g., precipitation products, topography) with ground observations to produce a new dataset with improved spatio-temporal distribution of the target field.
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  • hydroPSO: Global optimisation R package implementing a state-of-the-art version of the Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO) algorithm (SPSO-2011 and SPSO-2007 capable), with a special focus on the calibration of environmental models.
    Development version:

  • hydroTSM: R package providing S3 functions for management, analysis, interpolation and plotting of time series used in hydrology and related environmental sciences.
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  • hydroGOF: R package providing S3 functions implementing both statistical and graphical goodness-of-fit measures between observed and simulated values, mainly oriented to be used during the calibration, validation, and application of hydrological models.
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  • SWAT2R: R package that provides S3 functions for reading the main output files of the Soil & Water Assessment Tool hydrological model (SWAT) and for creating some inputs files to SWAT-CUP. This package as been only used with SWAT-2005. Compatibility problems with SWAT 2009 are welcomed (with a reproducible example).
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  • MAGIC Integrated river basin management model, used by the Chilean Dirección General de Aguas [D.G.A.] for the assessment and allocation of water resources, considering both the current availability and water rights previously granted.

  • SIMED: Lumped rainfall-runoff model used by the Chilean Dirección General de Aguas [D.G.A.] for simulating daily discharges from daily precipitation data.

Other R packages

  • cec2013: R package that provides S3 functions to be used as wrappers for the C implementation of 28 benchmark functions defined for the Special Session and Competition on Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization at CEC-2013.
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