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hydroTSM provides S3 functions for management, analysis, interpolation and plotting of time series used in hydrology and related environmental sciences. In particular, this package is highly oriented to hydrological modelling tasks.

The focus of this package has been put in providing a collection of tools useful for the daily work of hydrologists (although an effort was made to optimize each function as much as possible, functionality has had priority over speed).

Bugs / comments / questions / collaboration of any kind are very welcomed, and in particular, datasets that can be included in this package for academic purposes.


Installing the latest stable version from CRAN:


Alternatively, you can also try the under-development version from Github:

if (!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")

Reporting bugs, requesting new features

If you find an error in some function, or want to report a typo in the documentation, or to request a new feature (and wish it be implemented :) you can do it here



To cite hydroTSM in publications use:

Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini. hydroTSM: Time Series Management, Analysis and Interpolation for Hydrological Modelling. R package version 0.5-1. URL DOI:10.5281/zenodo.839864

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

title = {hydroTSM: Time Series Management, Analysis and Interpolation for Hydrological Modelling},
author = {{Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini}},
note = {R package version 0.5-1},
url = {},
doi = {10.5281/zenodo.839864},


Here you can find an introductory vignette showing the use of several hydroTSM functions.

  • R: a statistical environment for hydrological analysis (EGU-2010) abstract, poster.

  • Using R for analysing spatio-temporal datasets: a satellite-based precipitation case study (EGU-2017) abstract, poster.