Following a request made by CRAN regarding compatibility issues with the upcoming version of R, the new version of hydroGOF (v0.4-0) was released today March 12th 2020, and it is available on CRAN now

Among its new features stand out:

  • Package tested against R Under development (unstable) (2020-03-10 r77920) – “Unsuffered Consequences”, following an imperative request made by CRAN.

  • Citation file changed, following CRAN comments.

  • Vignette on Goodness-of-fit Measures to Compare Obserligved and Simulated Values was moved from Sweave to Knitr.

  • New references were added for KGE (Santos et. al, 2018; Knoben et al., 2019; Mizukami et al., 2019)

  • New reference was added for me (Hill et al., 2006) Thanks to Erli Pinto dos Santos !.

  • br2: new argument ‘use.abs=FALSE’, to allow the user to use ‘abs(b)’ as condition to decide whether using abs(b)r2 or [1/abs(b)]r2 in equation (5) in Krausse et al. (2005). Thanks to Ellie White !

I hope you enjoy it !.