The proyect 1171560 entitled “Assessing spatio-temporal impacts of global change on water and biomass production processes at catchment scale: a synergistic approach based on remote sensing and coupled hydrological models to improve sustainable management of forest ecosystems” was selected in the 2017 Chilean competition for “Fondecyt Regular” proyects.

This proposal is a collaborative effort born completly within the Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR2) FONDAP, where the principal investigator (PI) Mauricio Galleguillos and me (Co-PI) are working. This proyect started as a truly interdisciplinary idea, and a research visit of the PI to Temuco was the perfect ocassion to discuss about the main research question, methodology and expected outcomes.

The recent fires that are affecting Chile since January 2017, are important evidence that the outcomes of this project might have important societal impacts.